Author: Weston Brandon

NEW VIDEO: ‘Choose to Stay’ – Hope to Those Considering Suicide

See the following excerpt from the release from Mormon Newsroom: “A new video from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helps viewers see through the eyes of a young man struggling with suicidal thoughts brought on by the various stresses, pressures and expectations of life. To overcome his pain, he chooses to tell family and friends about the dark burden within his soul. Healing doesn’t come easily — it is only after trusting those close to him, praying and consulting medical professionals that he finds hope to live. ‘You can choose to stay too,’ he says.” CLICK...

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Toddler Still Singing After Two Bone Marrow Transplants

  How about we start our Saturday with one of the best feel good stories we’ve ever heard? Below is an excerpt from Leah’s story by Higher Perspective: “Leah is a 5 year old with Severe Congenital Neutropenia. Severe Congenital Neutropenia is a rare genetic disorder with a deficiency of neutrophils in the bone marrow. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cells that help in curing inflammation. People with a lack of neutrophils often have recurrent infections due to the lack of white bloods cells to help stop inflammation. The caption of the video says: “She’s an overcomer....

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The Addiction Recovery Program – Why Every Member Should Read The Manual

The Addiction Recovery program seems to be a little taboo among many members that I meet. For many I sense that it’s more like that dark room in the back that only the worst sinners enter on random weeknights in order to work on their problems (you know pedophiles, adulterers, druggies and the like). Sex addiction, substance addiction, etc. or whatever it may be is something that far too often is only talked about in a preventative sense in our Sunday school classes. I mean, surely no one in our family is an addict. All the kids in our...

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Seemingly Insignificant Efforts – My Sabbath Thoughts

I’ve always wondered if I accomplished enough on my mission. Ever since I returned I’ve wished I could have done more to reach our Father’s children, and just today I was wondering if anything was getting through to the extremely rowdy CTR 4 class that I teach every Sunday while my wife and I tried our hardest to get them to be reverent and sing while we practiced for our primary program. Heavenly Father must have heard my thoughts, and helped me run into an article that impressed me today. In the August 2018 edition of the Liahona Magazine...

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