Author: Weston Brandon

The Addiction Recovery Program – Why Every Member Should Read The Manual

The Addiction Recovery program seems to be a little taboo among many members that I meet. For many I sense that it’s more like that dark room in the back that only the worst sinners enter on random weeknights in order to work on their problems (you know pedophiles, adulterers, druggies and the like). Sex addiction, substance addiction, etc. or whatever it may be is something that far too often is only talked about in a preventative sense in our Sunday school classes. I mean, surely no one in our family is an addict. All the kids in our...

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Seemingly Insignificant Efforts – My Sabbath Thoughts

I’ve always wondered if I accomplished enough on my mission. Ever since I returned I’ve wished I could have done more to reach our Father’s children, and just today I was wondering if anything was getting through to the extremely rowdy CTR 4 class that I teach every Sunday while my wife and I tried our hardest to get them to be reverent and sing while we practiced for our primary program. Heavenly Father must have heard my thoughts, and helped me run into an article that impressed me today. In the August 2018 edition of the Liahona Magazine...

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New Missionaries Now Opening Their Calls Online

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has been sending missionaries across the globe to share the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ for years. Traditionally, they’ve had to wait days (or even weeks) to receive their assignments by mail. Now, new missionaries can have their calls within minutes of their assignment being made. The church posted following yesterday (Sept 5): “The Church is rolling out a new initiative in which missionary candidates receive their assignments online instead of in the mail. This process has been tested in various parts of the world for the past...

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Repenting Does Not Satisfy Justice – My Journey to Understanding the Atonement

Growing up in the LDS church, I have been taught about repentance and justice over and over again. It is the most frequently discussed topic in church meetings and sessions of general conference. Yet for some reason, I never understood. If the demands of justice aren’t satisfied when I repent for my sins, then what is the point of repenting in the first place? Having had a spiritual awakening to the truths of repentance, I noticed that far too often repentance is taught incorrectly, or is at least portrayed as a process that is slightly different than what is...

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