Author: Tina Albrecht

An Amazing Healthy Holiday Program!

Hello, Friends! With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s around the corner, many of us are thinking about the holidays. I’ve already talked to some people who are doing some “holiday weight prevention” strategies. They know themselves well! According to Brian Wansink, Cornell Food and Brand Lab Director and author of Mindless Eating and Slim by Design, people the world over gain the most weight during the holidays. They frequently gain 5 – 10 pounds and then they take 5 – 8 months to get the holiday weight gain off! He says, “Everyone gains weight over the holidays; Americans, Germans,...

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FHE is Turning 100 Years Old – Three Amazing Tips to Get Your Family Home Evening Jump Started Again

Happy 100 Years of FHE! Today is the 100-year anniversary of the First Presidency letter that introduced Family Home Evening as an official program of the Church. At first, local leaders were requested to set aside one day a month where members would have no scheduled church activities so families could spend a night at home together. Later, in 1970, the First Presidency officially changed this request to the weekly Monday night we are now familiar with. While most of us know that family home evening is intended to help us keep our families close to each other and to the...

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