Author: Tim Rarick

5 Benefits of Intimacy in Marriage + How to Increase It

This article is a guest post written by Dr. Kevin Green (LMFT & CFLE), a professor at BYU-Idaho.   As human beings, we’re hard wired to connect. In other words, we have a biological need to build close bonds with people! Even as a baby, we connect to our parents for warmth, food, security, and love. When parents meet those needs, bonds of closeness form called attachment. On the other hand, when a parent isn’t there to meet the child’s physical and emotional needs, the child may feel anxious and insecure about seeking help.   These same patterns follow us...

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Disrespectful Children, Hypocritical Parents

The Audacity of Disrespectful Children   Has your child ever disrespected you? You know what I mean, the nasty attitude that gets your blood boiling! I mean, we give and give, and yet they still defy our authority! Just the other day, I arrived home from an overwhelming work day, hoping to find some solace at home with my wife and children. From past experience, I knew how easy it was for me to bring the worries of work home with me. So before leaving my truck, I offered a silent prayer for help to be patient with my...

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5 Reasons Why Marriage Matters

Marriage means different things to different people. For some, marriage is just a piece of paper. (In fact, the Pew Research Center found that almost 4 in 10 Americans think marriage is obsolete.) For others, marriage is a nice but perhaps unreachable ideal. And for others still, marriage is desirable but just hasn’t happened yet. (More Pew Research data found that about 6 in 10 unmarried Americans want to get married.) Regardless of what people think about marriage, here’s the question: Does marriage really matter? Is the institution of marriage obsolete, or is it something that can benefit individuals,...

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How to Live in Thanksgiving Daily

When the Book of Mormon missionary Amulek is teaching the poor Zoramites, the ones who have been kicked out of the very synagogues they built, he gives them some interesting counsel. First, he tells them that they don’t need a synagogue to worship. “Worship God, in whatsoever place ye may be in,” he says (Alma 34:38). Good solution, Amulek. And then comes the interesting part. “Live in thanksgiving daily, for the many mercies and blessings which [God] doth bestow upon you.” The many mercies and blessings? But weren’t these people in poverty, rejected by their community? And yet, Amulek...

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Seeing Family Trials with Eternal Perspective

It seems that every family has their share of hardships. And it makes sense, because as Elder Stanley G. Ellis just taught, “Hard is part of the gospel plan.” Some families deal with death or sickness, divorce, infertility, or financial difficulties. Some challenges are visible, while others are totally undetected. But interestingly enough, the difficulties themselves don’t make or break our families. In fact, trials can actually help a family grow closer together! So what makes the difference? How can a family grow stronger in spite of, or perhaps because of, their challenges? Perspective While it may seem like...

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