Author: Rob Stewart

2 Tips to Make Your Marriage a Little More Joyful

Delight in Thy Husband My husband is the most wonderful man in the world. And I’m not just saying that. He loves playing with our new baby girl, he helps out with the dishes, and he takes time to show me love every day. Can it get any better than that? But even with the most wonderful man in the world as my husband, it can be all too easy to become dissatisfied. Recently, I found myself focusing a little too much on my husband’s weaknesses instead of enjoying his many, many strengths. One day during my personal scripture...

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3 Ways to Help Your Kids Give This Christmas

I still remember the first time I gave a Christmas present as a child. I had carefully chosen a few things from the school book fair that I knew my siblings were just going to love: a pink fluffy pen for my sister and a small teddy bear figurine for my little brother. While the gifts were simple, I was excited to share some things I liked with people I loved. Though I really loved giving gifts, at first my Christmases were all about getting. And with all the wish lists for Santa and Christmas ads on TV, it’s...

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Me Too: Why Sexual Freedom Isn’t Free

I check my watch again: 3:45 am, and I’m wide awake. Exhausted, but awake. Part of it is because I’m 8 months pregnant and my body hurts all over. (I think my body is practicing the no sleep thing for when the baby comes. 😛 ) But part of it is because I can’t stop thinking about my Facebook feed yesterday. At first, I was confused by the two word status updates popping up everywhere: “Me too.” But then one friend wrote a little explanation along with it. She said, “If all the people who have been sexually harassed...

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A Quick 2 Question Quiz: How Healthy Is Your Marriage?

Question #1 – Do your marital expectations harm or enhance your marriage? Harm – You and / or your spouse have unrealistic expectations, assuming your marriage will automatically be “happily ever after.” Unfortunately, the media does a fantastic job portraying the dangerous myth that marital bliss is immediate and effortless. Have you bought into this myth? While marriage offers the opportunity for extraordinary happiness (and I intentionally stress the word opportunity), this takes consistent effort! Harm – You have resigned yourself to always having a sub-par marriage. This mindset will poison your relationship. Our expectations – good or bad – frequently influence our decisions. Regardless of how happy you are presently in your marriage, you won’t achieve the healthiest version of...

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3 Reasons Marriage is a Good Idea

Let’s face it: marriage can be scary. Almost everywhere you look, you see divorce. People may struggle to give up their independence, worry about being financially ready, and fear the seven year itch. So with all the craziness going on, why bother? Why even get married? Well, research shows that marriage actually pays off. Those who are married are healthier, happier, and more financially secure. Now that doesn’t sound so scary! I’m not saying you should just up and marry the next man or woman who walks into your life. Who you marry certainly affects the quality of your...

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