Author: Natalie Smith

How I Didn’t Marry an RM After All

Call this a disclaimer if you will- I have the highest respect for returned missionaries. I myself served a full time mission. I was 19. I loved it. It became one of the most defining periods of my life. My mission meant everything to me. It shook me awake and stripped me of selfishness and naivete (Well somewhat. I still have those things) I could write volumes on how much I loved my mission but you get the idea I hope.   My husband and I met at a church dance. I know, it’s pretty cliche. We were married...

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You Know You’re in Singles Ward When…

Oh Singles Ward. We know and love you. Countless jokes, memes, blog posts and even movies have been made to explain the phenomena that take place within your three hours. So in honor of Valentines week, I’m just going to put this here…   WHEN MORE OFTEN THAN NOT LESSONS ARE ON… WAIT FOR IT… DATING AND MARRIAGE!   AND YOU’RE THINKING   WHEN THIS IS AN ALL TOO FAMILIAR SCENE   WHEN YOU’RE ALL ABOUT THAT MUNCH’N MINGLE, LINGER LONGER, BREAK-THE-FAST-EVEN-IF-IT’S-NOT-FAST-SUNDAY, POTLUCK PARTY, WARD ACTIVITY REFRESHMENTS LIFESTYLE. THIS ONE IS BIG. WE’RE MORMONS. WE LIKE TO EAT.   AND...

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