Author: McKenzie Cooper

Luck vs blessings

  St. Patricks Day is just around the corner time to brush up on your potato making skills and getting that food green coloring out!                                                             Fun facts: Irish oddly enough are not lucky!! *gasp* the only reason why they are lucky is because back in the gold rush they were the ones that found gold and silver here. However since the 1800’s they have had history of not being so lucky.   There are 36.3 million people who claim themselves as Irish descendants.     Lucky number 7: Reason for this the rainbow has 7 colors!! And lets not forget about the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow!    The 4 leaf clover shows faith, hope, love and luck. You may use this in a lesson at church! I never knew that the 4 leaf clover was known for that. And lets not forget to wear GREEN!!!!!! As for FHE ideas go let’s turn that little bit of luck to a little bit of blessings!! Luck just doesn’t happen. We all know that we have countless of blessings every where so on St. Patty’s day make a list of all of our wonderful *lucky* blessings that we have!!!!...

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The love between Sisters

This week my sister got sick with influenza, then a cold and now she has hives all over her body. She says its like one huge sunburn taking over her and she is itching all the time and she can not eat. However, during this difficult time my younger sisters have formed a bond that I can not describe other than service. My sisters are only a year and half apart and they fight and bicker at each other.      When I came home to visit on Saturday I saw my younger sister on top of the counter leaning her head back in the sink while my baby sister was washing her hair. I laughed because this never happens in my house. They both looked at me and said, “What?” I shake my head and said, “I knew you loved each other.” But inside I was feeling an overwhelming amount of love, joy, and service towards them. I am very proud of who they are becoming.     Sister Linda Burton once gave a talk about service. “First observe than serve.” That is exactly what my sister Kallie showed. She saw that my sister Kayla needed help and she acted in a way that was needed. As we serve our fellow beings we will feel love and appreciation towards all man kind. My sisters are a great example...

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DIY monogram cups

To all those Moms out there who are looking for new ideas for FHE (Family Home Evening) look no more!! This activity is super cheap and really easy!!! And all you need are oil based pens, cups, and scrapbook stickers!! This DIY cost me about 15 dollars!     Supplies:  Cups: I found at target for 1.00           Oil based Pens: Michaels (6.47) These are going to be your most expensive item; if you don’t already have one           Scrapbook Stickers: 2.00 Step #1 First find your supplies. Once you have those supplies stick the letter you want in the middle of your cup. Make sure that your sticker is on there tight and no edges are coming up. Step #2 Find the colors you want to place over your stickers. So, I picked Purple and Pink and I placed little tiny dots all over the letter M I basically scattered my dots around the M. Then since I feel like spring time I placed a nice little flower on the side of the cup!     Step #3 Go to your oven and turn it to 350 and while your paint is drying on the cup make sure you didn’t smear any of the dots. Now, my oven is really really small so I only did it for 20 minutes. However, for...

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Mormons and Super bowl Sunday

As we prepare for the big game this Sunday Broncos vs. Panthers, I decided to find out if there are any LDS (Mormon) players playing this Sunday. Now, I know most of you are probably only watching the game for the half time show and the awesome commercials that will be playing. For those of us who are HUGE football fans, this is an exciting day for us!     As the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers this Sunday be prepared to watch out for the defensive tackle ALL  Star Lotulelei. He is a Panther unfortunately but he will be fun to watch. As in the past we have had some amazing people from the church play in the NFL. Of course most of them played on the BYU Football team. For instance, Marc Wilson who played for the Raiders, Todd Christensen played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Burgess Owens who was another Eagle and many many more. So, while watching the game this Sunday try and find out who else is a Mormon. And don’t forget to watch out for Lotulelei!  By the way he is from Salt Lake City, Utah and went to Bingham High...

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