Author: Madge Witt

Experiencing the Family Ward as a Young Single Adult

There are lots of reasons we young adults come back to the family ward. We come back over holidays, during the semester breaks, for baptisms, for farewells and homecomings, and to hear our relatives speak in sacrament meeting. But we’ve become used to a whole different culture over in the YSA pond, so we get just a little out of our depth. At first, you’re pretty psyched about it. You’ve got this. You can handle it So you go strollin’ in playing it cool. It’s just like any other ward, right? Wrong. There a babies. Don’t get me wrong,...

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I’m Grateful for the Mental Health Page

When I was twelve years old, I started struggling with what I thought was simply not being able to sleep. I would lay in my bed for hours, tossing and turning and trying to get to sleep and block out the worries that were practically roaring to be heard in the back of my mind. My dad would give me scriptures to recite in my head or out loud to help calm me down. As I got older, my problem sleeping evolved into something more sinister and consuming. Psychiatrists and counselors that my parents took me to would tell...

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What if Captain America Was Your Home Teacher?

He’s the Star-Spangled Man with a lesson plan! It’s the Fourth of July, which here in the United States is Independence Day. Not only that, it’s the birthday of one Steven Grant Rogers, also known as Captain America himself. What better way to celebrate than to imagine what it would be like if the good captain was not only Mormon, but also our home teacher. He’d be super on top of the lesson. Even with newer subjects, he’s been reading up, after all. Plus, he’s got lots of experience. All kinds of stories to tell and relate back to...

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The Singles Ward According to Disney

Making the move from the Family Ward to the Singles Ward is a pretty big change sometimes, and there are just some experiences that need a gif to relate them. Luckily, there’s no better gif source than the depths of Disney and its properties! Sitting down in your first YSA Sacrament When you’re teaching and the TV isn’t working for the clip you’d brought Sitting in your last meeting on Fast Sunday Getting to Relief Society/Priesthood just in time to sign the roll Finally getting to change out of your Sunday clothes Being told to discuss with the person next...

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