How Groundhog’s Day Can be a Day of Evaluation

Groundhog’s day is such an overlooked holiday. For some, it is a day that a Groundhog peaks his head out of the ground, and predicts whether we are stuck with 6 more weeks of winter. Other people might think of Groundhog’s Day as the the hit movie with Bill Murray that make Groundhog’s Day a symbol of repeating a day over and over again. In reality, Groundhog’s day can be a little bit of both to us. Groundhog’s Day can be a day where we evaluate how our lives are going. Have we shaken off the heavy snow (or burden’s) of our lives? Have we done a little spring cleaning to our souls? Are we looking forward with hope and faith to our next 6 weeks or are we dwelling in the dread of the winter? Springtime is a time for regrowth and renewal. So what can we do to make sure that we are regrowing and renewing our lives? I would suggest we do a little bit of what Bill Murray did in Groundhog’s Day. We should repeat over and over again the things that make us better, and shed the things that are weighing us down. What have the prophets told us to do on a daily basis over and over again? They tell us to read the scriptures, pray, go to church, and do our Home...

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Netflix and Hashtag’s: How to Use Social Media to Spread the Gospel

  The other day my dad called me up out of the blue, and left me a voice mail. “Hey Ben just wanted to give you a call and ask you a few questions about Netflix and…hashtags. Call me when you get a minute.” I thought to myself, “What possible question could my father have about hashtags?” Actually, he just wanted to know what a hashtag was. Since I recently graduated from LDS Business College in Social Media Marketing, he probably figured I would know all about them. I spent a few minutes explaining to him how hashtags work in social media. I also talked about how they can be a valuable tool in finding others with like interests. Businesses even use them as a way to influence consumers. My dad didn’t grow up with social media, so for him it can sometimes be confusing with all the different new apps coming out all the time. What is Instagram? Snapchat? Facebook? What is a Vine or a Pinterest page? How do we hashtag or geo filter? What is the Mayfair filter? Or an Instagram story? What is the purpose of a Tweet? Parents may not know what all of these things are, but kids do. So why would you want to know? Because your kids do. You might not want to take all this time to get to know...

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I attended something more important than the Women’s March on Saturday

On Saturday January 21, 2017 millions of women (and men) gathered together across the United States for a Women’s March. Many celebrities like Katy Perry, Alicia Keys and Naomi Judd attended Women’s Marches in location’s around the United States. Social media feeds were filled with pictures and videos of the different events. It was a history making event that broke record attendances for gatherings. While I heard about the event and its significance, I did not spend my Saturday going to one of the events. I attended an event of greater significance this last Saturday. I was a part of my ward’s annual Mini-Mission. As the Assistant Ward Mission Leader, I was able to attend the pre-mission fireside and the post mission testimony meeting. My 12 year old daughter was called as a missionary for 18 hours. As a shy, and introverted girl, my daughter was skeptical about going. However, our bishopric encouraged the youth to try hard and uncomfortable things, and if they would, they would be blessed. She was asked to give up her cell phone (which is hard for her to give up for even 18 minutes) and other worldly distractions. She did. On Saturday morning, there was a snowstorm. We were lucky enough to see my daughter in action as she and her companion trudged through the snow. She was on her own personal Woman’s...

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The Thing About Punishing Kids

This article is part 1 in a 3-part series on punishment. “So you don’t believe in disciplining your children?” I have heard this from many friends, students, and neighbors when I tell them that punishment usually doesn’t work in the way most parents think. This question is also assuming that discipline and punishment are the same thing. They are not. Punishment is a form of discipline. Just like all apples are fruit, not all fruit are apples. Not all discipline is punishment…nor should it be. “So you just let your kids do whatever they want?” Yet another common question...

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Does Talking about Pornography with Your Kids “Give Them Ideas”?

Almost three years ago I had my first “porn talk” with my kids. This came about after reading a simple article about teens and their ever increasing access and inevitable use of pornography. As I read, I became frustrated, then scared and finally determined. I knew I had to educate my kids immediately about this danger, as well as every parent I came in contact with. I didn’t have all the answers that first day, but it didn’t matter. I opened the door to a new dimension in my relationships with my three kids. A dimension that brought a...

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