Author: Karanda Heimuli

Five Minutes with Thomas S. Monson

I remember as a child, my favorite part of General Conference was always listening to the words of our prophet. All conference talks are beautiful and incredibly inspired, but there’s nothing quite as soothing to the soul as listening to the voice of our prophet. As I child, I remember hearing twenty, sometimes thirty, minute addresses from Thomas S. Monson. It was such a blessing to hear from him at this previous General Conference. He spoke briefly during the Priesthood session and he also addressed us in the Sunday Morning session. Both times, his addresses were short and straight...

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10 Reasons You Need To Go See Saturday’s Warrior

The Cast This movie could not have been more perfectly cast. First of all, the Flinders kids not only look like a family, but they look like the cutest family ever. Even in the dorky nose glasses, they still immediately suck you in and make you feel like part of the family. Watching the movie, it’s hard to believe that Kenny Holland and Anna Daines are NOT actually twins. Their on-screen chemistry is absolutely adorable and they have the EXACT SAME smile and laugh. The craziest thing about this cast though is that Kenny Holland has never acted. Trust...

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8 of the Best Easter Quotes from the General Authorities

1. Gordon B. Hinckley- This Glorious Easter Morn (April 1996)  “There is nothing more universal than death, and nothing brighter with hope and faith than the assurance of immortality. The abject sorrow that comes with death, the bereavement that follows the passing of a loved one are mitigated only by the certainty of the Resurrection of the Son of God that first Easter morning.”           2. Russel M. Nelson- Thanks Be to God (April 2012)            “Central to God’s eternal plan is the mission of His Son, Jesus Christ.11 He came...

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Nephi vs. Noah: Faith is Not Circumstantial.

Faith is the first principle of the gospel, and that will never change. In this church, we spend a great deal of time talking about Fatih. I could spend this whole article giving you different definitions or scriptures that explain what it means to have faith. However, we all know there are some times it’s definitely easier to stick to your faith than others. During the hard times in my life, people would always say to me, “Faith is Not Circumstantial.” As much as I tried, I never really understood what that meant. Then one day, someone explained it...

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15 High School Musical Memes that Mormons Understand All Too Well

If you were born any time between 1996 and 2000, odds are that High School Musical was a big part of your childhood. This is even more true if you’re from Utah. When your Sunday school teacher sends you to the library to get chalk  2. When the young women try to support you in church ball    3. When you try to convince all your friends to take early-morning seminary with you   4. When they ask for a show of thanks after releasing your favorite young women/young mens leader    5. When another ward’s performance is cooler...

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