Author: Kara Huntinghouse

Cinderella Story

Well, I am so tired, I just spent the entire day cleaning, scrubbing, cooking and laundry. Yes I am a super mom! Except as I was just rocking my baby to sleep I realized that I haven’t really spent any time with my kids all day other then telling them to be nice to each other and stop running on my clean floor. Okay…maybe I’m not quit the super mom I was thinking I am. So as I was rocking my baby I was remembering this motivational talk that I heard about five years ago that has always stuck...

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Neighborhood Unity

One of my favorite things our old ward (Jordan North 5th ward) does to help bring unity to our neighborhood is a neighborhood walk about. This is such a simple but fun family activity that really helped members and nonmembers get to know each other better. So they would post these big signs on the entrances to our neighborhood with all the information on it a few days before. This way everyone in the neighborhood knew and felt invited. We always did our walk about on Sunday evenings.  We would have a sign up where three families could sign...

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One Smile at a Time

Our family has just recently moved into a new neighborhood and we are  trying to get to know our neighbors and people in our community. As  we walk around the block and meet people I am loving how friendly  everyone is. If I take my kids to the little neighborhood parks, I get  several people who smile and say hi to us and many who we end up  chatting and getting to know a little bit! I have just felt so great having these people be so friendly to us and I  started thinking about the power of smiling...

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The Prayer Rock

I was looking for a cute and easy idea for family home evening and came across a fun idea! It’s from Family Home Evening Planner called the Prayer Rock. This lesson is to teach your child the importance of saying their prayers. Have the child that is in charge of the activity find a rock outside for each member of the family. Then after you give your lesson. Give everyone their rock with this poem below and have them keep it in their rooms. They can also decorate their rocks to make the activity go longer.   Thanks for the fun...

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