Author: Kara Huntinghouse

Some Ideas to Help Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

Sunday is here already and as my kids are begging to watch cartoons, I was thinking about different ways I can teach them about the Sabbath day and keeping it holy. They are so young that it is hard for them to understand. So I thought instead of just taking things away from them we would focus on the fun things we get to do on Sundays. So we pulled out the scripture stories, we sat together on the couch and I asked them questions about the gospel. It is actually very entertaining to listen to them! It reminds...

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A Tribute to All of Our Latter Day Prophets

We just wanted to put together a little tribute to all of our latter day prophets. So we collected a few photos of all of the prophets and put them to song “We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet” sung by Paul Cactus Jack La Marr. BTW, the words start around a minute into the slide. We have provided a link below the video if you would like to purchase the...

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Family Home Evening Idea

With tonight being FHE I thought I would look around for some fun ideas. I ran into a great little lesson about self worth. Last night a friend was telling me how bad she felt because another child had said something mean to her child about the way he looks. We all know that kids saying mean things at school is a big issue and I thought this is a great way to teach our children that we are all different and all special just the way we are. Here is a link to the lesson I found on...

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