Author: Jessica Allred

Teen Suicide and How to Help

As a therapist that works with teenagers I have often been confronted with the question of how to help a friend that is thinking about suicide. Many of my teenage clients have had friends confide in them about feeling like they want to end their lives, and not knowing where else to turn. Let’s address in this post some ways you can help. This is a tough topic to talk about. If you feel sad or triggered by anything you read here, I encourage you to stop reading and reach out to a friend, family member, or any of...

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Modesty, and How We Have It Wrong.

Last week I was able to visit one of my favorite places in the world. Thousand steps beach is just up the coast from Laguna Beach and it is breathtaking. It has always felt so peaceful and secluded to me with the giant cliffs looming over the pristine beach. As my husband and I were lying on our towels soaking up the sun, I noticed something that disturbed my peace. Three teenage girls set their towels down a few paces from us. I observed the girls as they spent a straight hour taking selfies in their teensy bikinis. They...

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Let’s Talk About Sex Part II – Trust, Coercion, Porn Addiction and Marriage

Welcome back readers to Part II of our “Let’s Talk About Sex” series. In Part I we talked about the confusing and conflicting messages that youth and teens get about sex, and introduced the ideal and not ideal contexts for sex. In part II we are going to talk more about the non ideal context and in part III we will talk about the ideal context. As with part I, when I say “sex” I am using that as a blanket term for anything on the spectrum of the sex continuum. Starting with holding hands all the way up...

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An Honest and Open Discussion on Sex for LDS Youth and Teens

  Lets talk about Sex… Part I For LDS teens and YSAWhen it comes to sex… Your Mom, (says nothing about sex at all…ever…) Your Dad, “I will kill Johny if he ever touches you!” Your Sunday School Teacher, “Sex is beautiful and spiritual!” Your YM YW leader, “sex is an awful sin! stay away!” Your Girlfriends, “EW sex is disgusting!” Your Guy Friends, “sex is everything, you are a virgin?!… you are lame.” Your Health Teacher, “if you touch each other, you will get an STD, do you know what an STD IS?!!!!” In the words of the...

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