Author: Jeremy Goff

One Thing Every Mormon Should Understand Before They Go Less Active!

I have lived in six states and attended 16 different wards or branches, in just the last 6 years! I love meeting new people. Because of this I often go out with the missionaries and visit the members. I have met many great members across the USA. And sadly, I know many who are, or who have gone, less active. And it is because they forget this simple truth. The Church is true, despite the members. In most Christian churches, you only go because of the members. The Church is less of an institution and more of a social...

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Bitter Or Better? A Valentine’s Day Guide For Single Mormons.

Bitter Or Better? A Valentine’s Day Guide For Single Mormons. Being a single on when Valentine’s day rolls around is hard. During this time of year, the whole world focuses and judges everyone based on their relationship status. Many single Mormons earnestly seek temple marriage, yet we have been unable to find it. When Valentine’s Day arrives we often fall into the trap of becoming bitter. Yet Valentine’s Day should be a day of charity and love! Almost all the single Mormons I know hate Valentine’s Day, I used to hate it even. But we don’t need too! Instead of...

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5 Things You Did Not Know About Hyrum Smith The Patriarch.

Hyrum Smith, the Patriarch. I love Hyrum Smith, I served my mission in Vermont and walked the hills were he was raised. We often extol Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and other early Prophets for their works and mission. But Hyrum is arguably the 2nd most important man of the restoration. Hyrum’s legacy may not be well known, but Joseph counseled us to learn it and follow it. For it is a legacy of selfless service to God. Hyrum’s life is the perfect example of devoted discipleship. “Hyrum, thy name shall be written in the Book of the Law of...

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7 Principles Of Personal Revelation Every Latter-day Saint Needs To Know!

On Sunday, January 29, 2017, Elder Gerald N. Lund gave a fireside at my YSA Stake in Orem. In it, he said, “Is it the Spirit? Or just me?” is one of the most asked questions to General Authorities of the church. He told us, it is vital that we learn how to receive, recognize, and respond to personal revelation. He told us that revelation is communication from God through The Spirit to our spirit.  Often it is through feelings to our hearts and minds that we receive personal revelation. If we want to receive a greater measure of the Spirit in...

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7 things Mormons do that makes dating harder than it needs to be!

Dating has become toxic. We can see the adverse effects in the growing number of single people who are not only unmarried, but they are not even dating. So I set out, I started to ask dozens of real YSA why they think dating is toxic, these are the seven reasons that came to the top. 1st. Getting Physical And Spiritual Priorities Backwards. If the majority of dating problems could be boiled down to one issue this is it. We’ve got our priorities backward. We place a higher importance on their physical looks than the spiritual stature. Don’t let...

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