Author: John Huntinghouse

36 of the Funniest Memes, Pictures and Posts

Here are some of the funniest memes, pictures, posts, quotes that we have posted for the first year and a half on our Facebook page.  We didn’t include any of our Mormon humor posts as those were posted in the 50 of the Funniest Mormon Memes post we did last week.  Hopefully we were able to bring a little bit of humor and a smile to your day. Here they are in no particular order.                                                                          ...

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A List of All the Christmas Shows this 2013 Holiday Season.

When I was growing up, one thing that I loved about Christmas time was watching all of the Christmas shows as they came on TV.  I remember how sad I was when I realized I had missed some of the classics like Rudolph or How The Grinch Stole Christmas. So to avoid any of these slight oversights for your children, here is a listing of all the Christmas shows this holiday seasons and their corresponding time and channel.  Get your DVRs ready to record and spend some great family time watching some of the classics.   Rudolph the Red-Nosed...

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Life as a Missionary vs Life as a Fetus

The idea for this post was derived from a Buzzfeed article. When you feel like your companion is all up in your business and you are lacking privacy… Life of a Fetus… When 6 sister missionaries all try to share the same bathroom… Fetus… Being Rejected for the 1000000th time Fetus… Trying to develop your testimony and understand who you are… Fetus… Relax’n on a P-Day… Fetus… When you check on your account balance… Fetus… When you’ve been at the MTC forever and just want to get out… Fetus… Trying new exotic food in your area… Fetus…    ...

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Christ’s Atonement

I understand the viewpoint of not believing in the power of the atonement and chalking up any miraculous act that He may have performed to just religious fervor which has been amplified over time like many great folklores of the past.  I’m not here to try to convince those individuals who have those viewpoints to accept my explanation as the only true authoritative statement on the subject.  I am however, going to give “an answer to every man that asketh me of the hope that is in me.”  (1 Peter 3:15) As I stated earlier, I understand and respect those individuals...

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In Honor of Sister Janet Rife

The individual who inspired the name of our blog LDS SMILE, was Sister Janet Rife who was the wife of my mission president Richard Rife.  She was an amazing individual to everyone she came in contact with and quite literally changed the person that I became.  She helped me to understand and view this world as one full of opportunities to do great things for others.  For many missionaries, the mission president and his wife in many ways become your 2nd parents.   This was most definitely the case for me and having grown up in a household that wasn’t...

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