Author: John Huntinghouse

Christ’s Atonement

I understand the viewpoint of not believing in the power of the atonement and chalking up any miraculous act that He may have performed to just religious fervor which has been amplified over time like many great folklores of the past.  I’m not here to try to convince those individuals who have those viewpoints to accept my explanation as the only true authoritative statement on the subject.  I am however, going to give “an answer to every man that asketh me of the hope that is in me.”  (1 Peter 3:15) As I stated earlier, I understand and respect those individuals...

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In Honor of Sister Janet Rife

The individual who inspired the name of our blog LDS SMILE, was Sister Janet Rife who was the wife of my mission president Richard Rife.  She was an amazing individual to everyone she came in contact with and quite literally changed the person that I became.  She helped me to understand and view this world as one full of opportunities to do great things for others.  For many missionaries, the mission president and his wife in many ways become your 2nd parents.   This was most definitely the case for me and having grown up in a household that wasn’t...

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How Does One Find Themselves?

Self-help books If you read many self-help books, they talk about finding yourself by looking within. While there is some element of truth to this notion, it doesn’t paint the entire picture or even the most important element of self-discovery. First of all, finding oneself is less about discovering and more about creating who you are to become.  It’s important for us to find out who God wants us to become but it still takes effort in becoming that individual.  You can discover who God wants you to be but that is merely a goal.  The creation of that...

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Featured Viral Post of the Week

This week our featured viral post is a blog that was posted by Seth Smith on his blog Seth Adam Smith.  It was a great write up on the selflessness  that is required in a marriage.  Obviously it wasn’t meant to cover every aspect or be a “be all end all” on marriage advice but if taken from a 30,000 feet view, it’s a great overall message that he was trying to portray.  I highly doubt that when he first wrote it, he was anticipating that he would receive over 24 million views on his write up.  Here is the...

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The Forgotten Lesson of the Tortoise and the Hare

We all know the story of the Tortoise and the Hare and that ultimately “slow and steady” won the race.  Almost all of the attention given to the story is based in this idea that as we consistently work hard, we ultimately wind up winning in the end.  However, many times we forget to see how much more the tortoise gained from the race than the hare. Unlike the hare who was racing from point to point solely focusing on the next destination point and missing everything along the way, the tortoise was able to enjoy the journey along...

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