Author: John Huntinghouse

Be a Better Listener

There are a bazillion tips and advice on how to become a better listener.  I don’t want to delve into every aspect of the topic as that would take an entire encyclopedia in and of itself to write.  Today I just wanted to focus on one particular aspect of becoming a better listener.  It’s a simple piece of advice that has helped to really listen to those around me.  What is this advice?  It’s simple, slow down the voice (or image) inside your head. The average human being can hear 750 words per minute but we can only speak...

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25 Random But Excellent Dating Advice for Men

So just as we said we would, we are posting our random dating advice for men. Just as we did with the women, make sure to let us know any advice that you would like to add to the 25 that we are posting here.     Always open the door for her. Give genuine compliments. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it. Trust me, she can tell. PDA is perfectly acceptable but don’t go overboard with family around. That being said hold hands and cuddling often. Holding hands is a must. Look for her spiritual beauty. No...

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25 Random But Excellent Dating Tips for Women

The following dating tips came just off the top of my head so they are not in any particular order.  Also feel free to comment below on any other advice that you may have as there are surely more than 25 great tips.  We’ll include some of the better advice in our next 25 random dating tips.  Also, as we are equal opportunity posters, we’re not going to be forgetting the 25 dating tips for guys.  That should be up shortly. It’s perfectly acceptable to eat all of your meal. It’s actually more impressive if you can. Guys don’t...

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Sunday Morning Will Come

Everyone will face a time in their lives where they must go through their own personal Gethsemane. Times where no one else can help us get through the inevitable challenges that try both our bodies and spirits. Times where the easiest choice to make would be to give up. Remember that just like our Heavenly Father was keenly aware of the massive burden Christ was about to bear, He is just as aware of the challenges we are to face in this life.  Don’t mistake suffering with neglect or heartache with apathy. There is nothing our Heavenly Father wants...

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