Author: Glen Albrethsen

Is it okay for the girl to propose to the guy?

You know a Leap Day is added every four years to balance out the calendar, but there’s something else about Leap Day you might not know. In Ireland (and maybe elsewhere) it is traditional for women to ask men to marry them on Leap Day. The tradition was started centuries ago, but now it’s 2016, when many social norms have changed. Surveys on the topic of women being the one to propose matrimony often say one thing, but what actually happens can be something entirely different. So, what do you think about the idea of women proposing to their...

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The “Reality” of Life vs. The “Fantasy” of the Gospel

A Dose of Reality My wife and I have been separated for the better part of 13 months. She has been in Oregon, where our home is, working as a housekeeper at the local hospital so I can be in Utah, staying with some very gracious friends while I muddle through an associate degree. As you either know because you’ve spent any length of time away from your spouse, or can well imagine, the arrangement has not been easy. Nor did I expect it to be. I didn’t get married, let alone for time and all eternity, to be away from...

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Top 12 Reasons Why I Love Being A Latter-day Saint

Recently, I was asked to take over posting on the I love being LDS Facebook page. Doing so made me ask questions, such as, “Do I actually love being a Latter-day Saint, and if so, why?” I started writing down reasons I love being a member, and eventually had to stop at twelve. The hardest part was not coming up with the list, but how to rank the entries. Creating the list was not only reaffirming (I do love being a member of the Church), but it proved to be an enjoyable stroll down memory lane. The best thing is, everything on this list...

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