Inviting Others to Come and See This Easter Weekend!

Easter Sunday is one of the two Sundays of the year that lends itself to inviting others to church for a special occasion. Elder Ucthdorf during this past General Conference said “In whatever ways seem natural and normal to you, share with people why Jesus Christ and His Church are important to you. Invite them to ‘come and see.’ Then encourage them to come and help….Pray not only for the missionaries to find the elect. Pray daily with all your heart that you will find those who will come and see, come and help, and come and stay.”

So there’s a million different ways to share and we’ll list some of the ways you can share below. That being said, the most important thing when it comes to sharing the gospel is simply to want to share the gospel and actively look for opportunities to share with friends and family. If you want to share the gospel, I promise that you’ll have more than ample opportunities to share it with your friends and family today and tomorrow.

So below are some of the ways you can share:

You can share either of the videos below with them on social media, via text or direct messages:

You can send a text

You can give an old friend or neighbor a call and ask them to join you at church tomorrow.

You can take a walk outside and talk with your neighbors and ask them if they celebrate Easter or if they do anything special on Sundays.

You can simply answer the questions that your coworkers ask you during the week i.e. “What are your plans this weekend?”

And on and on….

There are no shortage of ways for you to help invite your friends and family members around you to church this weekend, you simply just need to look for ways to do so. Don’t be awkward, just be yourself and be straight forward with any of the questions they may ask. As the new adage goes…”You do you.”

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