Our Amazing Night at the Blue Boar Inn!!!

This year John and I finally caved and decided to take the kids to Disneyland. We are super excited to go but we planned our trip over Valentines day. Since we won’t have any time alone to celebrate this year we decided to do it early! We wanted to send the kids to Grandma’s and do a little overnighter. We ended up going to the cutest place to stay that was right in one of my favorite little towns, Midway Utah. It is the perfect distance to feel like you are getting away but not too far to drive out for one night. The hotel was amazing! It is called the Blue Boar Inn and was the most romantic and charming place we have ever stayed! It was perfect for a romantic get away like Valentines Day!

The Blue Boar Inn is an old-style European chateau. There is also an amazing restaurant located inside the Inn. We ended up staying on a Saturday night. We were checked into our room first. It was such a neat room. The bed was huge. (Luckily there was a cute little staircase that I could use to climb into it!) I loved that canopy over the top of the bed. There was a private patio off our room that had beautiful views of the mountains. A huge jetted tub. And my two favorite things, big cozy robes and a fire place in the room!

After checking out our room we went downstairs for dinner. It was some of the best food we’ve ever had! We got appetizers and decided to be brave and try escargot! It was actually really good. John had the fila minon and I love seafood and had the scallops. They were so good!

The next morning we had Sunday brunch which is actually included in the stay. They brought out five different courses for breakfast and each one was so good. They have a great selection of breakfast choices. And it all ended
with a chocolate éclair!

If you are looking for a great place to go for a romantic weekend (hurry quick for Valentines day!) then we would highly recommend the Blue Boar Inn. We had such a great time together and can’t wait for our next stay!

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