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Light the World 2018

Last night we attended the “Light the World” influencer event where the church presented their new Christmas campaign for 2018. It was a great night meeting with lots of social media influencers like Youtubers, bloggers, podcasters, and other social mediaers (I know, I completely made up that last word).

The main theme from last night’s meeting is that the church will be focusing less on “how to serve” and more on “whom to serve”. Who are the individuals that we can serve during the Christmas season. Last year they had the 25 ways in 25 days campaign. While effective and a great experience for many individuals, for others it was a bit overwhelming. So this year, they are switching it up to weekly themes focusing on who should we serve. The Church has created four separate videos that touch each of the themes pictured below.

The four weekly themes are:

Light the World

Focus on ways you can serve those in need globally

Light Your Community

Find ways you can reach out and serve your community

Light Your Family

Show love to those closest to you

Light Your Faith

Increase your own faith in Jesus Christ.

We will be updating this article as

“Giving Machines” are coming back!

During last year’s campaign, individuals were able to go to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and donate items for others through a vending machine. On the machine it read “What if people could give to someone in need instead of buying something for themselves?” “Freely ye have received, freely give,” a passage from Matthew 10:8, comes on the screen as the brief video concludes.

The vending machine raised over $550,000 in donations last year so they are bringing them back and bringing them to more locations. They will be placing these machines at the following locations:

Joseph Smith Memorial Building – Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Downtown Gilbert – Gilbert, Arizona, USA
Manhattan Temple – New York City, New York, USA
Hyde Park Chapel – London, UK
SM Megamall – Manilla, Phillippines

Invitation Sunday

Another announcement during the event was that the church will be having a special Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, December 23rd. More details about this announcement will be coming to ward councils and ward leaders throughout the church but in essence, Invitation Sunday will be a worldwide effort to invite those not of our faith to a specially prepared sacrament meeting to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. We will update this as we receive more information around this.

We are super excited to be helping out with the #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign and hope that everyone else is just as excited as we are to particpate and really start to think of not only how could we serve but specifically, who should we be serving. Here are some of the photos from last night’s event from other influencers who attended.




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So… The biggest highlight of my day could be that my team at @boncomslc was able to be involved in the first #LightTheWorld meet up for 2018 in #SLC. 220+ attended. That was an awesome highlight for sure. It could also be the fact we screened @janeandemmamovie for this capacity crowd. That was also a huge highlight. But the biggest highlight? Well, that was the fact I got to work side-by-side with @formerlyphread at this event, watching her smile, laugh, network, renew and create new friendships, hold my hand, support me during a mini crisis that occurred mid-event that blessedly resolved peacefully, and held printer’s personal copies of the first editions of the Book of Mormon from early Church periods: New York, Kirtland, and Nauvoo! Thanks @johnhajicek! Joseph Smith actually owned the Nauvoo edition (and was the printer). And yes—we touched them!! I ❤️ you Jenny Dye!

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#LightTheWorld with #bonconf So excited!?

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‪Sharing ways to #LightTheWorld this holiday season. There are so many amazing things coming up and ways that we can show love to each other. Learn more We ALSO got to preview the new movie Jane and Emma that comes out Oct 12!! …………………………………………. It’s a beautiful story of Jane, a black lds woman who walks hundreds of miles to meet Joseph Smith, a revered cleric who inspires people in the Deep South. When Smith lands in trouble with local hooligans, Jane offers comfort and companionship to his wife in her darkest hour. It’s a must see!! @shesinherapron @mymommystyle thank you for hanging out with us!! We adore you. #momlifecrisis #janeandemma #bonconf #lds #ldsyoutubers

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#bonconf #lighttheworld #bonnerfamily

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