15 Funny Spongebob Memes


  1. You know you can’t help but make that face at your friend when they are speaking in church. Then they try not to look at you so they can focus and get through what they have to say.


2. Nephi and his brothers were definitely relieved when they knew they were safe from that whole Laban situation.


3. This is a significant amount of time that needs no other explanation for RMs.


4. Something strange happens while one is on a mission…


5. The guys can’t deny their jealousy of the treats the women get on Mother’s Day in church.


6. The misconception we have all heard of or experienced before.


7. Missionaries always have that excitement when they teach about God’s great plan!


8. We know that feeling when Conference is getting closer.


9. Don’t lie, you are extra motivated to go to a ward activity if there is free food.


10. So ‘n’ so begat so ‘n’ so who begat so ‘n’ so…


11. These are the challenges that come along with the new revelation about the church’s name.


12. Can anybody explain this book to me, please?


13. We know your heart melts when you see the primary kids sing, too.


14. The craving is strong!


15. Where are my RMs at?


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