Seemingly Insignificant Efforts – My Sabbath Thoughts


I’ve always wondered if I accomplished enough on my mission. Ever since I returned I’ve wished I could have done more to reach our Father’s children, and just today I was wondering if anything was getting through to the extremely rowdy CTR 4 class that I teach every Sunday while my wife and I tried our hardest to get them to be reverent and sing while we practiced for our primary program. Heavenly Father must have heard my thoughts, and helped me run into an article that impressed me today.

In the August 2018 edition of the Liahona Magazine is an article written by Dan Hobbs from Idaho. He talks of an investigator couple he taught in Houston some thirty plus years ago, and how he received a phone call from their son who was eventually baptized as a result of their efforts to befriend and love his parents. I was reminded that even in the struggle to overcome our weaknesses, to raise our children righteously, to baptize hundreds of investigators while serving missions, to understand what the Lord’s will is for our lives, or just to help four year olds understand why the chapel is a place of reverence; the Lord is willing and able to take our seemingly insignificant best efforts and use them in grand and mysterious ways to accomplish his purposes.

Just remember this week that, as you strive to make an impact in the lives of those most important to you, the Lord is there working the plans in the background, and that if we trust him, he “will do wonders among you.”

See Dan’s full article in the Liahona magazine here.

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