A Must See: God Bless the Broken Road

Come with tissues because this film will have you feeling emotions before the title even rolls. God Bless the Broken Road is the heartwarming story of Amber’s adventitious quest to restore her faith after losing her husband. Amber is able to re-awaken her faith through the help and perspective of her loved ones. The story will have you thinking about ways to nurture your loved ones’, as well as your own, faith.

Amber’s family and friends offer her encouragement and comfort through Christlike service and optimism. Each member provides a different perspective on the tragedy—including Amber’s young, faithful daughter and her sympathetic mother-in-law. As Amber realizes the important things in life, she rekindles struggling relationships and invites God back into her life.

If you are looking for an uplifting family activity, look no further. This picture is well done and entertaining for people of all ages. You will leave the movie theater pondering the profound messages found throughout the story. God Bless the Broken Road stands tall amongst other films in its genre. I highly recommend giving it a watch.

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