Shooting at LDS Church in Nevada: One Killed, Another Injured


A shooting at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Fallon, Nevada, occurred Sunday afternoon.

The shooting happened at an LDS chapel located at 750 W. Richards Street.

According to
“The alleged shooter, John K. O’Connor, 48, entered the chapel after the sacrament had been passed and as the first speaker was beginning a talk and shot the victim at close range, according to Fallon Police and witnesses.”

During a press conference, officials said John Kelley O’Connor, 48, entered the church around 1 p.m. and fired shots and then walked home. He was taken into custody after police called the home and asked him to surrender.
Fallon Police Chief Kevin Gehman said it does not appear to be an attack on the church but rather at an individual.

Police have not released the names of the victims officially but they have been identified through social media posts.

Police are not sure what the motive is at this time.

LDS church spokesperson Eric Hawkins released the following statement:

“We have recently learned of a shooting in Fallon, Nevada, during a church service. Details are still developing, and inquiries should be directed to local law enforcement personnel. We express our love to those in this congregation and our prayers for the victims and their families. Local leaders are ministering to them at this time.”

An update will be provided once more information is known.

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