25 LDS Quotations About Happiness

To celebrate happiness, and in an effort to discuss and educate how we might find more of it, this post comes from the happiness quotes section on LDSQuotations.com

While the media doesn’t always paint the most accurate picture of the LDS faith, I’ve always appreciated watching Mormons portrayed in movies or TV shows. They’re almost always portrayed as wearing a huge smile, over-anxious to help out, and of course, zealously attempting to share their faith.

While they’re not always perfect, these portrayals make me proud. In order for these portrayals to be funny and to resonate with an audience, the truth must be mixed with the absurd. How great it is that the truth those portrayals grab hold of is this- Mormons are happy!

But why is that? When you discover what God has in store for you and you’re willing to aim for it, happiness is a natural byproduct. So it’s no wonder, the most prevalent characteristic that organically emerges from Mormons is our happiness!

Here are 25 of my favorite LDS quotes about happiness that come from the site LDSQuotations.com

President Monson quote from LDSQuotations.com

Elder Uchtdorf quote from LDSQuotations.com

President Hinckely quote from LDSQuotations.com

President Kimball quotes from LDSQuotations.com

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