Our Amazing Trek Experience Before Watching Trek The Movie!


If you’ve ever been on trek then you already know the amazing experiences you can have on the trail, representing a Mormon pioneer who walked across the plains. It is One of the hardest yet most rewarding experiences that those who have a chance to do it will experience.

Our family got the chance to go to this is the Place Heritage Park and try out a mini treck with our kids. We got to pull a handcart along a dirt path and work as a family. The kids loved riding in the handcart and our oldest Maya loved helping to pull it. It was such a fun experience letting the kids have a little taste of what our pioneer ancestors went through. We ended the trek up on the side of the mountain where we could see the whole valley and talked about what The pioneers saw as they came into the valley.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to go to This is the Place Heritage Park, it needs to be on your list of things to do! They have so many fun activities. I have always gone during candlelight Christmas which is amazing but we have never gone in the spring. It’s such a fun time of year to go because there are baby animals that the kids can touch and feed. They can even go for a pony ride. There are so many fun things for the family to do like ride a train, horseback riding and of course eating Brigham‘s donuts !

The day we went to do our trek the kids got to hold baby chicks. We also got to listen to a live band while eating dinner from Sugar House Barbecue. The food was amazing and the music was pretty fun! To top off the night we went to the theater room and watch Trek the movie! We have the opportunity to meet the director of the movie. He told us all about the making of the movie and a lot of miracles that happened while filming the movie. They film the movie at in different locations throughout Utah.

The movie Trek was so much fun for our family. It’s always fun to watch a family friendly movie that we can all enjoy. Trek is clearly made for an LDS audience with all of the Mormon one liners and cultural references you would expect with such a movie.  Anyone who has ever been on Trek will enjoy this movie and will have a great time with their families. The main story is about a teen, “Tom,” who reluctantly decides to go on “trek”. While on trek, he struggles with his past memory of losing a close friend, which caused him to question everything that he once believed.

If you are looking for a great LDS movie to watch with the family, make sure to check out Trek the Movie. It opens up tonight in theaters across Utah.



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