Thanks to LDS Living for highlighting this story.

*NOTE* Every person’s journey within the church is different. We understand that while for Courtney and Rachelle, this was the solution for them, other gay members of the church should find the solution that best works for their personal situation.

Courtney and Rachelle tell us their surprising and beautiful story. It follows how they met, married, found God, divorced, the people and community who loves them, and how they turned their lives over to Him.

“It literally tore my soul into pieces growing up, because I knew the Church was true but I knew that a core piece of who I was was in direct opposition of my belief,” Courtney shares of the years of secrecy she experienced as a lesbian Mormon. After leaving the Church and finding a woman she fell in love with and later married, Courtney and her wife Rachelle felt a pull toward the gospel that later caused them to divorce and join the Church.