LDS Mother of 6 Killed By a Drunk Driver on the Way Home From Visiting Twins in the NICU


The Video Story from ABC 7 Below

“That’s the irony, right? Is that you have dozens of medical professionals who have spent years training, and they’ve spent months actually working to save two lives that we thought would be lost, and then we have a life we thought we’d have that was lost just because of two bad decisions: one to go out drinking and the other — worse one — to drive afterward, and obviously it breaks my heart and it’s broken six little hearts,” Jacob Evans told ABC 7.

Katie Evans, a 37-year-old mother of six and wife to Jacob Evans was driving home from visiting her premature twin girls in the NICU. On her way home, her car was struck by another driver who was under the influence of alcohol in Sanata Clarita, California.

You can help the family by donating at their YouCaring page here.

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