Who is President Monson? Newsweek Features the Prophet’s Ministry and Recent Health Concerns.

In their article, Newsweek talks about the ministry and life of President Monson.

They mention that it was in 1963 when President Monson first became a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. It’s still kind of crazy to think he was called to the apostleship at the age of 36!

In the article it stated:

“Monson’s absence is not unexpected. The 90-year-old took a step back from the church’s public life earlier in 2017 due to “limitations incident to his age,” a May statement from the church said. Nevertheless, his absence from a highlight of the Mormon year draws attention to the advancing age and, possibly, deteriorating health of a man thought of as a ‘prophet, seer and revelator’ by Mormons.

At the April general conference, Monson urged members to study the Book of Mormon. Along with the Old and New Testaments, the LDS church holds the Book of Mormon as sacred scripture. First published by the church’s founder, Joseph Smith, in 1830, Mormons believe that the Book of Mormon recounts the lives of ancient peoples of the Americas; the book also tells of a visit that Mormons believe Jesus made to the Americas following his death and resurrection.”

It goes on to address his recent health issues as well as that of Elder Hales who has been hospitalized with pulmonary issues. We will keep you addressed of any new development with both men as more information is released.

Our prayers and thoughts are with both of their families and loved ones at this time.

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