3 Reasons Marriage is a Good Idea

Let’s face it: marriage can be scary. Almost everywhere you look, you see divorce. People may struggle to give up their independence, worry about being financially ready, and fear the seven year itch.

So with all the craziness going on, why bother? Why even get married?

Well, research shows that marriage actually pays off. Those who are married are healthier, happier, and more financially secure. Now that doesn’t sound so scary!

I’m not saying you should just up and marry the next man or woman who walks into your life. Who you marry certainly affects the quality of your marriage and your life. And it’s definitely important to prepare yourself for married life. But overall, a good marriage comes with great benefits.

1. Physical Benefits

While you wouldn’t think your relationship status really affects your body that much, marriage has some remarkable benefits for your physical health.

Research shows that both married men and women live longer on average than people who aren’t married. Not only do married people live longer, but they also report better physical health during their life.

This doesn’t mean that everyone who says “I do” is automatically going to live an extra 10 years or avoid all health problems. But all the same, marriage makes it more likely for someone to live a healthy life.

2. Financial Benefits

A lot of people worry about whether or not they’re financially ready for marriage. While finances can be a tricky issue for many couples, in reality, the financial benefits of marriage far outweigh the costs.

Studies show that one reason marriage makes life better for people is because of the financial stability it provides. Having two people supporting each other in one household offers a kind of safety net that you just don’t get when you’re single. It can be difficult to figure out money problems with your spouse, but having someone to work with is actually a big plus.

3. Emotional Benefits

I always worried about being emotionally able to handle marriage. But in my personal experience, marriage has actually provided great emotional support.

The research shows that I’m not the only one who gets emotional benefits from marriage. A study by marriage researcher Paul Amato found that “following marriage, people report fewer symptoms of depression and are less likely to think about suicide.” This applies to both men and women.

What’s even more remarkable? This isn’t just compared to single people! According to a study that spanned 17 nations, married couples experience even greater mental health benefits than those unmarried couples who live together.

Not So Scary

So next time you have a friend worried about marriage, share these facts with her. If people really understood the benefits of marriage, perhaps getting married wouldn’t seem so scary after all!



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