For Stressed Moms: 6 Steps to Finding Better Balance

School is getting out and it’s time to gear up for summer and having the kiddo’s home all day. Does the thought of that make you happy and excited or does it make you afraid, very afraid?! For many mom’s, myself included, it can be overwhelming and exhausting to think of what the next 3 months have in store. But when I found this article on it helped me feel so much better. The author, Nicole Carpenter gives us 6 ways that can help mom’s find a better balance and love themselves. She says:

Four kids in five years. That’s how my family came. But not one at a time—the two youngest were twins. Now they range in age from 12 to 6. But in those early years, I gave all I had to my family all day (and then all night). I was glad to be able to stay at home and raise my kiddos, except something was wrong. I was not happy.

When my twins were 18 months old, I found myself spiraling into a dark place. And in the middle of all the motherhood monotony, I realized that even though I loved my life, I no longer loved myself in my life. I had given all of myself to my family and had forgotten who I was.

I knew I needed to make some changes and that it was up to me to make those changes. If I didn’t, I feared it would have serious consequences to my family and possibly my marriage.

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