Often people think that feminism and motherhood are incompatible, but that is only when you don't understand true feminism is motherhood!

True Feminism Is Spelled Motherhood.

Every year when Mother’s Day approaches I think of the women in my life. I quickly realize they taught me everything worth knowing. Yes, the men in my life also taught me. But, more often than not, it was the women who mothered me who made the difference.

These women were not CEO’s who ran large corporations, they did not manage hedge funds worth billions of dollars, they did not have their picture on TIME magazine, and they never appeared on the Forbes list of most influential women. But the work they did was far more important: they mothered me, and countless others.

Motherhood Proceeds Maternity.

I know countless people who think that motherhood means the mothering of your own children. If that is the scope of motherhood than I could see why it would bring up sensitive feelings, but it is not the case. Motherhood is the act of being a mother to ANYONE. Think of Mother Eve, she was given the title: the mother of all living. Long before she had had children she was a mother, speaking of Mother Eve Patricia T. Holland taught,  “her motherhood preceded her maternity.” (Ensign, Oct 1987)

Because God does not see us as we are, but as we can become if we keep our covenants: every faithful woman is a mother in the eyes of God. The single, the barren, and the wife of a large family, God see each one as a mother. A true mother, mothers more than just her own offspring. She mothers all of those around her. The influence of a true mother sends ripples through the eons of time. I have but one biological mother, but God has blessed me with a multiplicity of women who have mothered me. From my two mission president’s wives to the tender wives of my many bishops. To the women who took me under their wing with my work and travels over the past three years. God has blessed me with many mothers and grandmothers.

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