5 Free Sacrament Meeting Activities For Kids That Will Help Them Listen At The Same Time!

  1. Article of Faith Coloring Pages.                                                                                                                                Whenever I look for church activities for Sacrament meeting, I feel like they are made for very young children. I wanted to find something for my older kids 5 and up who still can’t sit all the way through the meeting without getting antsy but are to old to be playing with toys.  Kari Sweeten from LDS Lane created these amazing Article of Faith coloring pages. I know that my 9 year old would love these and what a great way to sit quietly and color while listening to the speaker during the meeting. I feel like this way she can still be entertained while listening and learning. I loved these. And the best part is she has them for FREE!! You can get them here.

5 activities for Sacrament Meeting


2. LDS Word Searches

My cute little kindergartner came home from school the other day with his first word search. He spent the next 20 minutes looking for all the words that he didn’t have time to find at school. 20 MINUTES! That’s golden time in Sacrament meeting. So I thought we need to get some of those to take to church. And then, even better, I found these! Word searches with LDS words!

5 activities for Sacrament meeting

These are totally free as well! And they include names of Jesus Christ, Baptism, The First Vision, Prophet & Apostles, Book of Mormon Prophets, Books of the Book of Mormon, Words in the Book of Mormon, Books of the Old Testament (parts 1, 2, & 3), Books of the New Testament (parts 1 & 2). You can get these here.


3. Sacrament Meeting I SPY!

We’ve always loved the I SPY games and this one looks so much fun, I think I may even get caught doing it! I know my kids will love playing this. I thought it would be cute to tell them they have to see or hear the item before they can mark it off, that way they will even listen! Chrissy at TeepeeGirl.com made this and it is FREE as well! Man I am so grateful for so many talented people that are willing to share their creations. Why would you not take advantage of their talents!! You can get it here.

5 ideas for sacrament meeting


4. Flannel Board Scripture Stories

This last Sunday I was sitting in Sacrament meeting and I looked over and the family next to us had flannel board scripture stories that they were playing with. And what was SUPER COOL and totally blew my mind was they were sticking them right on the back of the pew that was in front of them!! (I know, I am easily impressed!) But I never even realized I had a giant flannel board right there in front of me all this time. Their kids were playing with them quietly all through the meeting. I found these cute pictures you can just print, and then to make them stick to the flannel board (or back of the pew ;)) you just put the scratchy side of Velcro on the back of them.

5 activities for Sacrament meeting

Or if you want to be more crafty they have a link that shows step by step instructions to make them actual flannel board pieces. You can get them here.


5. Church Listening Cards

How easy are these? Just print them out and go. This would be awesome for my 9 year old. Once my kids get baptized I really want them to stop “playing” during Sacrament meeting and really try to listen to the speakers. But I know it can be really hard to just sit and listen. I mean even I have a hard time sometimes. So this would be a fun way to challenge kids to listen for certain words, phrases, or topics. You can get them here at Sugardoodle.net5 activities for Sacrament meeting

I hope this list can help your family have a successful Sacrament meeting. I guess when you have young kids sometimes just getting there is what makes it a success! But having some little tricks will definitely help!


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