Check Out These Amazing Luxury Playhouses Built By An LDS Family

Make sure to check out their show that airs THIS SATURDAY 10/9c on TLC!!! This weeks episode is a huge Peterpan playset for an LDS family. Brock Walburger (the client) is the international president of sales for Vivint.

Tyson and his wife Audy live in Lethbridge Alberta and are living their dream building custom luxury playhouses. Think back to when you were a child and remember dreaming of having a tree fort or some secret place to play and hide. Well Tyson can bring those dreams to life! You won’t believe the amazing beautiful houses he has has built. His houses are so unique and detailed that you won’t ever see anything like them!

Because of his talent, it’s not a huge surprise that the network TLC contacted him about doing a reality tv show about building these playhouses for families. That was going to be such a change for Tyson and his family. Audy said in a blog post that she wrote,

“There was one big problem. What is to be done when your husband’s dream-come-true and your worst nightmare collide into one single offer? My solution was to pray. To ask God to help him see what a terrible idea this was. That it would be hard on our family and much too challenging for me. From my perspective, I couldn’t see how God would ever want us to do a reality show. I felt completely justified in my stance against it and was only determined to convince Tyson to agree.”

Audy was sick at the thought of doing this reality tv show but she didn’t want her husband to miss out on this amazing opportunity. She wrote in her blog post, “through tears, I prayed again about what to do and still, doing the show was not on my list of reasonable answers. And then it became one in an instant. The voice of Elder Holland quoting Hebrews 10:39 (from a BYU speech he gave called, Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence that I had listened to at least 15 times) came quietly into my mind. The words were, “We are not of them who draw back.” Along with this favourite phrase, came the peace and understanding that I was to go ahead with the show. I had a moment of disbelief, thinking that this just couldn’t be God’s plan for me. But I knew what I had heard and felt and I knew what I had to do.”

They have now filmed 8 episodes and feel like they were able to create a positive and uplifting show. Even though it was something that was so hard for her to do, she did it because she knew that no matter what, God had a plan for her and He was always with her. With God nothing is impossible and we can do hard things.

You can read her entire blog post about this experience here.

And now you can check out these AMAZING playhouses!! I mean seriously!

Custom Luxury Playhouses built by LDS couple


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