Church Announces New Pajama Policy For Those Attending LDS General Conference

Salt Lake City, Utah – The church announced this morning that they were implementing a new pajama policy for those who are attending general conference. “We felt that it wasn’t fair for those who are attending General Conference to have to dress up while all of their friends and families sat comfortably in their pajamas at home.”

An attendee during the morning session of conference remarked, “Before the morning session, it was always hard scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and seeing all of my friends relaxing in their pajamas while I was wearing a suit and tie. But now I am able to have the best of both worlds; being able to attend conference and still being comfortable.”

Another attendee said, “Being allowed to wear pajamas allows me to bring the best parts of my home to General Conference. Now if only they will allow us to bring in cinnamon rolls, we’d be set.”

Several members voiced concerned about individuals falling asleep during conference. When a spokesperson was pressed about this concern they told us that “it’s unclear as to how this policy change will affect the attentiveness of those attending conference but if we notice people falling asleep, we have a specially designed air horn for that scenario.”

In conclusion, we hope everyone has a Happy April Fool’s Day and enjoy conference no matter what you are wearing! 🙂

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