Book Of Mormon Coloring Books- And They’re Free!!

If you have young children then you know family scripture study can be a challenge. So here is a fun way that you can teach them the scripture stories! If there is one thing that is sure to relax me and the kids and calm everyone down, it’s definitely coloring! It’s so much fun for everyone and now you can use it to help your children learn different stories throughout the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price.  So if your family is the same way, you have to check out these new coloring books that the church has just released!

 And guess what… they are free!!

You can download the Book of Mormon coloring book here.

Book of Mormon Coloring book

And the Pearl of Great Price coloring book here.

Pearl of Great Price Coloring Book


Hard copies are also available for $0.95 at Church distribution centers,, Deseret Book & most LDS bookstores. 2017-03-24 09-51-35

Book Of Mormon Coloring Book

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