Why The Worst Dating Advice Mormons Give Is:
“Only Marry A Returned Missionary.”

Bad dating advice is as common as the flu during the winter. I’ve gotten all sorts of awful dating advice, but one takes the cake above all else. “Only marry an RM.” This the worse dating advice one can give a YSA. Not because serving a mission is bad, in a matter of fact, every able-bodied young man has been commanded to serve a mission! It is dangerous for many reasons, I will focus on three of them.

*Disclaimer, I loved my mission in New England and I highly recommend serving a mission. I learned so much about marriage and family relationships while teaching others about eternal families. President Hinckley taught that serving a mission is also one of the best ways to prepare for a marriage.

1st. Serving a mission does not signify whether or not you are a good person.

I am going to start with the elephant in the room. I will be the first to say it, not all returned missionaries are righteous and upstanding members of the church. One of my own companions has already left the church. And on the flip side, there are some really good guys who are not able to serve missions.

Then you have Sister Missionaries. Unlike the brethren, sisters are not under a prophetic command to serve. When I lived in Charleston SC, I had the chance to teach my coworkers with amazing Sister Missionaries. I know some amazing sisters who have chosen to serve. And I know many amazing sisters who have not served a mission. It is totally an unrealistic requirement to think that a girl needs to serve a mission.

Serving a mission does not signify whether or not you are a good person. How you treat others does. Remember, President Monson did not serve a mission, he is still a pretty good guy right? President Hinckley told the men of the church to prepare and live worthy of the girl they will someday marry, he said:

“She will wish to be married to someone who loves her, who trusts her, who walks beside her, who is her very best friend and companion…She will wish to be married to someone who loves the Lord and seeks to do His will.”
Gordon B. Hinckley
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