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Why Play with Your Kids? It Might Make All the Difference!

Ever had a conversation like this with your child?

Daughter: “Hey Mom! Let’s play ponies!”

Mom: “No thanks. I really don’t want to.”

Daughter: “What?! Why not? Don’t you like being with me?”

Mom: “Sure I do, honey. I like you . . . I just don’t like playing ponies. Ugh!”

Daughter: “What?”

Mom: “It just sounds very boring, and I’d rather look at my phone. Sorry.”

I’ll assume that you’ve never had this conversation with any of your children. And that’s a good start. But be honest: have you ever thought or felt something like this? If you were surveyed about your feelings regarding parental involvement, you’d likely be in favor of it. In fact, research shows that most parents feel strongly about the importance of parents spending time with their children.

But as the saying goes, easier said than done, right?

Read more at Family Good Things to find out why playing with your kids is so important and how you can make play time more meaningful. 

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