How Groundhog’s Day Can be a Day of Evaluation

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Groundhog’s day is such an overlooked holiday. For some, it is a day that a Groundhog peaks his head out of the ground, and predicts whether we are stuck with 6 more weeks of winter. Other people might think of Groundhog’s Day as the the hit movie with Bill Murray that make Groundhog’s Day a symbol of repeating a day over and over again.

In reality, Groundhog’s day can be a little bit of both to us. Groundhog’s Day can be a day where we evaluate how our lives are going. Have we shaken off the heavy snow (or burden’s) of our lives? Have we done a little spring cleaning to our souls? Are we looking forward with hope and faith to our next 6 weeks or are we dwelling in the dread of the winter?

Springtime is a time for regrowth and renewal. So what can we do to make sure that we are regrowing and renewing our lives?

I would suggest we do a little bit of what Bill Murray did in Groundhog’s Day. We should repeat over and over again the things that make us better, and shed the things that are weighing us down. What have the prophets told us to do on a daily basis over and over again? They tell us to read the scriptures, pray, go to church, and do our Home and Visiting Teaching.

Why is it necessary for us to repeat things over and over again? Elder James E. Faust said of messages from our prophets,”Over the years their subjects have been repeated many times. I expect that some of them will be repeated yet again in this conference. They are essential for our salvation, and we need the repetition.”

We need the repetition. Just as Bill Murray learned from the mistakes he made each day, and got better by doing good, we can do the same. Let us use this day as a reminder to get better by repetition.

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