900,000 Christians Were Killed Between 2005 – 2015, Averaging 90,000 a Year

900,000 Christians were murdered for their faith around the world between 2005 and 2015, according to a study from The Center for the Study of Global Christianity.

This figure of 900,000 Christians being killed calculates to being 90,000 a year or about one murder every six minutes. Their definition for a martyr is anyone who lost their life prematurely as a result of human hostility, while they were upholding Christianity.

According to Amy Kellog of those who lost their lives in 2016, “70 percent were killed in tribal fights in Africa. The remaining 30 percent of Christians lost their lives in acts of terrorism, destruction of Christian villages and government persecution worldwide.”

“The Center for the Study of Global Christianity says that highlighting the number of martyrs actually gives some dignity to those who have died, and it also keeps up the pressure on those who have the power to do something about the situation to actually act,” Kellogg reported.

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