The Alarming Truth Behind Anti-Mormonism

1. There’s Only One Credible Alternative to the Restored Gospel

Most members have probably never considered what they would do if they lost their testimonies of the Restoration. Would they still be Christians? Would they convert to Presbyterianism or Catholicism? You might expect so, but in reality ex-Mormons generally can’t find a believable Christian alternative to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It is simply impossible to leave the Restored Gospel for another version of Christianity without realizing that you have lost so many of its essential elements. What happened to prophets, revelation, temples, priesthood authority, the plan of salvation, the doctrine of Eternal Man, etc.? And how could the God of the Bible suddenly decide that everyone should be free to interpret scripture as they wish, creating a church for every opinion?

Perhaps even more important, however, is that basically every reason to doubt Mormonism is a good reason to doubt Christianity. Not enough archaeological evidence of the Book of Mormon? Feel like some of the archaeological evidence might contradict the Book of Mormon? The same is true of the Bible.

Don’t like polygamy or that two of Joseph’s plural wives were 20 years his junior? You’ll see the same trend for the prophets of old.


Joseph Smith offends Western sensibility? Not nearly as badly as prophets such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Joshua. A quick gander at the Old Testament shows that Joseph Smith has a relatively immaculate record (based on Western standards) compared to many of the prophets who came before him.

And so we find that arguments against Joseph Smith are really arguments against all the prophets—the messengers from whom we learn of Christ and of whom Christ testified. Which is why everyone I know who has left the Church has become some version of an Atheist. And it is why a large poll of ex-Mormons found that only 1 in 10 ex-Mormons convert to another Christian religion.

You see, at first they decide that Joseph Smith couldn’t have possibly been called by Christ. Then they find that they can no longer believe that Christ is really the Son of God.

So, for LDS members (particularly RMs and life-long members), Christianity itself hinges upon the question, “Was Joseph Smith really a prophet?”

Anti-Mormonism isn’t just about getting people to lose faith in our Church, it’s about getting people to lose faith in God, in Christ, in revelation, in religion. Once you’ve tasted the sweetest and most perfect form of Christianity, where else will you go when you leave? If you really understand the teachings of the Restored Gospel, deciding that Mormonism is false means accepting some form of Atheism (including Agnosticism, Humanism, and Non-religious spiritualism).

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