Jesus Honored His Parents – So Can You #LighttheWorld December 2nd

#LighttheWorld Campaign

Many of you have heard about the church’s Christmas campaign #LighttheWorld. Since a new star first appeared above Bethlehem, Christmas has been a season of light, reminding us that Jesus Christ is the light of the world. Together, we can celebrate His birth by making the world a brighter place. All we have to do is follow Him—His life, His example, and His teachings. In doing so, we can help #LIGHTtheWORLD.

Jesus Honored His Parents

Jesus honored His parents and so can you. Throughout the month there are so many different ways for us to follow in Christ’s example and one of those ways is by honoring your parents. There are so many different ways for you to do this and here is just a very small list that gives you some ideas on how to honor your parents.

  • Call (not text) your parents and talk with them.
  • Write a handwritten note to your parents or in-laws.
  • Learn about an ancestor and share their story.
  • Invite your parents or in-laws over for dinner and talk about your childhood from their eyes
  • Visit older individuals whose children are not able to physically visit them
  • Help older individuals with technology so that they can speak with their loved ones
  • Create a collage of all of the things your parents did for you that you are grateful for
  • Talk with your siblings and brainstorm ideas of things to do for your parents

It doesn’t have to be grand

This video is something we did for our friends the Henries where their kids did some acts of service for their parents. It doesn’t have to be grand to be special. Take a look below and make sure check out for more updates on this campaign.

How should we honor our parents? Little children tell us in the video below.

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