Reports of “Gold Plates” Being Found Stem From a Fake News Website


Over the past several days there has been an article circulating by many members and non members a like of a team of archaeologists finding the gold plates while “excavating a drumlin known as Mormon hill or the Cumorah.”

In this article they state that the archelogist believe that the plates that were found could be linked to Joseph Smith and were in fact the original gold plates from which The Book of Mormon was translated from.

They even use real names and places in their reports “The scientists, led by Professor Abraham Jones, are associated with the Brigham Young University’s faculty of archaeology.”

All of this being said, the news website World News Daily Report is a fake news website. Known for such tantilizing headlines as “Dead Cow Brought Back to Life by Lightning” and “Catholic Priest Whoh Died for 48 Minutes, Claims That God is a Woman” is nothing more than a tabloid-style website.

In their disclaimer page, it states: “All characters appearing in the articles in this website – even those based on real people – are entirely fictional and any resemblance between them and any persons, living, dead, or undead is purely a miracle.”

Be careful what you read folks. 🙂


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