Garth W. Smith, an LDS musician/pianist who specializes in original arrangements of LDS hymns on the piano, released his third full-length album titled Behold the Great Redeemer, Sacred Hymns, Vol. III on 1 September 2016. The album comprises a collection of familiar Christ-centered hymns with fresh new arrangements which are an outward expression of the emotional and passionate connection that Garth has with the original works.

We love all of Garth’s music and this one continues on the serenity and tranquility that his previous cds have provided. He is an amazing musician whose music truly brings in the Spirit wherever you may be listening to it.

The 11-track inspirational album is available through, Deseret Book,, and other LDS music outlets. The album is also available for download from iTunes and Garth has also entered into an agreement with Jackman Music to publish a book of selections from Behold the Great Redeemer, Sacred Hymns, Vol. III. The publication will be available in late 2016. And for the first time, he is offering sheet music of his album arrangements which can be found on his website.

Here is a video with his arrangement of Lead, Kindly Light