LDS Singer/Rapper Combo Create Incredible Music Video About Addiction

With the Atonement of Jesus Christ, Anyone Can Hit the “Undo” Button

Nadia Khristean and Colby Ferrin created this amazing video dealing with the very sensitive subject of addiction. As they stated on their Youtube channel

Sometimes we are told that change isn’t possible. And sometimes we actually believe it. We want to send one clear message in this video, You CAN hit undo, second chances do exist, and you CAN change.

This video is really near to my heart, I have had a lot of family members suffer through addiction and I have seen the powerful change that can be brought in anyone. I believe it’s a matter of looking up and finding a strength that is beyond our own to help us stop.

The making of this video was so humbling. We had the chance to attend a few addiction recovery meetings and invite anyone who would like to share their story to be a part of this video. All the participants in this video are recovering addicts, and their stories are real.



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