One of the Most Emotional Movies You’ll Ever Watch – The Last Descent

Just take a second and close your eyes and imagine being in a small cave stuck in a “narrow passage way 10 inches high, and only 18 inches wide with being upside down for 28 hours.” What would you think about? What would you do?

I had the privilege of going to the prescreening for the movie “The Final Descent.” The director started the movie and you have to use all your senses in the first part of the movie to really grasp what is going on. Throughout the whole movie you could hear a pin drop, you would hear people crying at some points and in fact it made me tear up a bit thinking of all the hard work everyone put in.

It’s a family based movie that you could bring your kids to. It reminded me of a few things: compassion, charity, family, love and the Plan of Salvation.

To see how hard those rescuers worked to try to get John out, also to see the love of his wife Emily and brother Josh, was truly inspiring. I loved how the director, Isaac Halasima, captured this tragic story but also turned it into a learning opportunity to always have hope in any situation whether good or bad.

It pulls at your heart strings and makes you pause and think about your family to hold them a little closer and say “I love you” more often. One quote from the movie that moved me is from John when he is in the cave with one of the rescuers talking about life. He says, “What good is life if you are waiting to die?”

If you want a movie that you can bring the whole family to and feel your heart strings being pulled, go check out this amazing movie “The Last Descent”, only in select theaters September 16, 2016. If you want to see what the movie is all about check out the trailer for “The Last Descent” in the video above.

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