Louisiana’s Governor Speaking About Mormons: “I Have No Doubt God Sent You Here”


The flooding in Louisiana is the worst U.S. disaster since Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012. Eleven lost their lives and well over 60,000 are currently homeless.

Yet what makes this disaster so devastating is there was no way to foresee or prepare for the destruction. The storm that dropped 31 inches of rain in just 15 hours and continued for days was not a tracked storm. It was not a hurricane, a tropical storm, or a superstorm. It was unnamed and received very little attention in the media, both before and after it hit, making preparation and relief efforts difficult.

Local wards and Mormon Helping Hands have worked tirelessly to help muck out homes and to provide food, clothing, and care for families displaced by the flooding. Over 6,500 volunteers have come to help with the relief efforts in Louisiana, and another 5,000 at least are expected to arrive to help this weekend. (Read more about LDS relief efforts at Mormon Newsroom).

As a result, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards thanked Mormons for their efforts at a special sacrament meeting held for volunteers.

“’I am a child of God and he has sent me here.’ That is the first line of the hymn that we sang,” Governor Edwards began his remarks.

I have no doubt that God sent you all here.

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