Yvonne Conway Tams has a son on his mission in Mexico City and has been out for 18 months on his mission. Her daughter Anna just received her call to the Denver mission speaking Spanish. They thought that they wouldn’t see each other for 3 years but fate had other plans…

The family had no idea if this was possible but when she received her call to Denver Colorado Spanish speaking and was going to the CCM in Mexico City the buzz started…”what if she could see Sam?”

When Sam asked his Mission President he replied “lets see if we could make something happen.”

According the family, the best part of the story was the fact that Anna never said she was going on a mission.

She came home one fast Sunday from her Single Adult Ward and said she had felt an answer in Sacrament meeting that day that she was suppose to go on a mission

That announcement blew the family away and when they checked their e-mail the next morning, their son serving in Mexico said that he had dedicated his fast yesterday to Anna. He really wanted her to serve a mission and “learn all the things a mission teaches you.”

The siblings who weren’t all that close at home are now praying and fasting for each other.

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