Do You Frequently Hold Hands With Your Honey? This Simple Act Is More Important Than You May Think!

“I Want to Hold Your Hand”

Some months back my wife and I went to a local concert with a Beatles tribute band.. Not surprisingly, one of their featured songs that evening was the 1964 hit “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”

I left this concert with two main takeaways.

First, and less importantly, I now sort of understand why my wonderful father-in-law dressed like he did in the early 70s.

Second, and more importantly (especially since I am a marriage and family scholar) I started thinking about the importance of such a simple act – holding your spouse’s hand.

And, let’s face it, don’t we all want to be one of those cute older couples who are still holding hands decades later?

Further, is it possible that holding hands with your spouse now may help you still be happily married then?

Ahh, patience! We’ll cover that shortly. But first, a quiz!

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