Experiencing the Family Ward as a Young Single Adult


There are lots of reasons we young adults come back to the family ward. We come back over holidays, during the semester breaks, for baptisms, for farewells and homecomings, and to hear our relatives speak in sacrament meeting. But we’ve become used to a whole different culture over in the YSA pond, so we get just a little out of our depth.


At first, you’re pretty psyched about it. You’ve got this. You can handle it

bring it on

So you go strollin’ in playing it cool. It’s just like any other ward, right?

vader at disneyland

Wrong. There a babies.


Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we love the little guys. The hugs are adorable. And getting to make faces at them? The best.


But then you get to the sacrament. And you realize just how much noise there is, especially if you’r seated by a fidgety kid


Sometimes the primary kids get up and sing, though, and you get hit with a whole mess of emotions

Remember when you used to be that tiny? When did these kids all get so cute?

Another ray of sunshine? When you see that some of your old friends are visiting, too.


On the other hand….when you’re completely alone? It kinda stings.


Then, when all the other adults badger you about what you’re doing with your life

And the dreaded looks you get when you don’t give the answer they wanted

Or worse, ask you if you’re dating anyone/planning on getting married soon and you’re just:


Sometimes those people are also family and you just want to be like

But you won’t. This time. 😉

But when it’s all said and done, you’ll probably forget after a few weeks and want to go back again.



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