LDS Youtuber’s Father in the Fight of His Life…This is Her Tribute to Him

Many people already know the Youtuber Evie Clair. She has done some amazing work within the Youtube community and created some amazing videos.

A lot less know who Amos Abplanalp is. He is Evie’s father. He’s currently a bishop for in a ward in Arizona and is a professional psychological counselor at a prison.

While Evie does a lot of amazing videos, this one hits especially close to home. In this cover, she sings “Eye of the Tiger” as a tribute for her father who currently has stage 4 colon cancer. You can tell how emotional she is in the video as she talks about his survival chances that the doctors gave him. That being said, she’s not giving up and created this cover to specifically to address the fight that is in his eye as he battles for his life.

Cancer is never pretty but our deepest thoughts and prayers are with the Abplanalp family. If you would like to help and donate to the family, you can here on this link.

You also can get a free download of the cover here as well.

Evie teamed up with some other Youtubers including Spencer Jones, Rob Landes and Sara Arkell to create this video.

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