Mitt Romney: “My Family Wants Me to Run for President”

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“I got an email from one of my sons yesterday saying, ‘You’ve gotta get in, dad, you’ve gotta get in,” Romney said at the Aspen Ideas Festival on Wednesday, according to The Blaze.

Romney, who said his wife and kids had been pressuring him to enter the race, again dismissed the possibility of a run.

“It’s hard on family,” Romney said as part of a question-and-answer period that John Dickerson, CBS News anchor, moderated. “It’s hard on your spouse sitting there in debates agonizing over what you’re going to say next or what your kids go through and your grandkids to go through.”

He added that he did not “think in good conscience” that he could be a winning candidate during this election cycle.

“The door is closed unless both candidates come up to me and say please save them,” Romney said during the session. “I can’t imagine the circumstances that would lead me to be in the race.”

There have been many anti-Trump Republicans pressuring Romney to run as an independent. The dislike for Clinton and Trump are at historic highs and Romney has emerged as the figurehead of the movement of Republicans opposed to Trump’s candidacy.

When asked about Bill Weld who is currently the Libertarian Party nominee for vice president, Romney said that he would be a “great” president but that he currently doesn’t have any plans to endorse the ticket that is being lead by former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson


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6 Replies to “Mitt Romney: “My Family Wants Me to Run for President””

  1. As an independent voter, I have to say that Mitt Romney is part of the privileged class in American society. He is scared to death that Mr. Trump will mess up all of the backroom financial dealings he has done through his Bain Capital, where he buys up successful companies, squeezes them dry of their profits,, and then closes and bankrupts them. Just as the other person wrote, his family may want him to run, but many people such as I do not.

  2. Romney you blew it twice by not having the courage to stand up to the democrats and blew it a 3rd time by not being able to suport the will of the american people. stay home and take care of your family.

  3. I was a avid fan of Mitt for president but it was obvious he caved during the last debate with Obama. Had he went after Obama half as much as Obama went after him he would have won. He chose not to run he still has a chance to save face but he has to drop this assertion that his family wants him to run. Who cares, you didn’t run so unless you want to be associated with helping elect Hillary you better get on board with who Americans chose. If he wants to be taken seriously he should grow up and stop this childish feud with Trump. If he throws his support behind Trump there is still a way to repair his own image!

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